Official Autograph Session!

Autograph Sessions


Autograph Session Token will be given out at 9:30AM

To participate Download Japan Autograph sessions, please refer to the followings:

※We will start giving out token at 9:30AM. (~11:00AM if any left) at Autograph Session Booth. First come first served. 

※Each participating artist has a limited quota of tokens.

※In order to acquire token, one must purchase a festival lithograph available at merchandise stand, or at the Token queue point. In the case of lithograph sold out, other merchandise will be applicable as long it’s a festival official merchandise (not individual artist’s merchandise). However it is us, the organizer to judge if and when the lithograph are sold out.


※Along with the festival lithograph, we will also ask to show us your ticket stub, so please hang on to it.

※One Token per person. You cannot try and acquire token for more than 1, meaning you need to make up your mind which artist you would like to have the autograph signed. This does not change the situation even when you brought 2 or more ticket stubs, each person is allowed to acquire only one token per person. ※Rarely, there are some tokens left and available, we will then have a second-round of give-out at 11:00AM, only then the second-timers also can acquire second token. First come First served.


Notice during the sessions

※Only 1 item per person (doesn’t have to be the lithograph)

※There will be an autograph session time table, however please be aware it is subject to change without notice.

※Anyone who was late or didn’t show in time will not be allowed to participate, even with the right token.

※Anyone who does not follow orders and rules will be asked to leave the autograph session booth, and worst case, will be asked to leave the venue. Yet, we will not make a refund of pamphlet or the ticket. Please beware one unreasonable behavior could lead to cancellation of the entire autograph session.

※NO photos and videos allowed during the autograph sessions.

※There are only limited time for each artist to attend the autograph session, and no hogging artist’s time only for yourself. Please make a swift way out, once your item is signed.