Q: I lost my tickets! Can I enter the venue/get a replacement ticket?

A:We treat physical tickets in the same way as cash, and as such cannot replace lost tickets regardless of the situation. Please be certain to keep your tickets in a secure place.


Q:Where is the VIP viewing area?

A:We will announce the details of the VIP area on the official website once finalised.


Q:Is the VIP viewing area accessible for wheelchair users?

A:Depending on the finalised layout, access may not be possible. In this case, we would ask customers to utilise the wheelchair area.


Q:Will there be cloak rooms where I can leave my bag? How much will that cost?

A:We will have cloak rooms available at a cost of 1,000yen. Baggage can be checked in / taken out at anytime during the event.


Q:How much is the entrance drink ticket?



Q:Can I bring in food and drinks?

A:No. Please use the food and drink vendors available at the festival.


Q:What time does the festival end?

A:The festival is scheduled to end by 10PM *Subject to change


Q:Will there be a merchandise announcement?

A:Full details will be announced on the website soon.


Q:From what time can we purchase the merchandise?

A:We will announce on the official website once finalised.


Q:Is there an area where I can sit?

A:There will be no chairs at the venue.


Q:Can I bring in foldable chairs?



Q:Can I bring in baby strollers?

A:Baby strollers will not be allowed at the venue. Cloak rooms will be available for them to be kept.


Q:Will there be alcohol served?

A:There will be beer and other alcohol sold along with soft drinks.


Q:I have physical disabilities.

A:A reserved viewing platform for our patrons with disabilities will be provided.


Q:Are there smoking areas at the venue?



Q:Can I upgrade my standard ticket to VIP?



Q:What should I do if I start to feel sick or get injured?

A:Please approach the staff at the event, or visit the first aid station.


Q:Will there be parking lots?

A:There are limited numbers of parking lots around the venue. We advise you to take public transportation.


Q:Can I bring in pets?

A:Pets and animals are not allowed within the venue, with the exception of service dogs.


Q:I am pregnant, but can I still participate? Can we ask for chairs?

A:Doctors and nurses will be stationed in first aid stations at the venue, but there will not be an obstetrics specialist. Keep in mind that we may not be able to provide the best support needed to care for changes in physical condition. Please talk with your family and doctor before deciding on your attendance. Chairs cannot be provided as it will be an all-standing event, and the bringing in foldable chairs will be prohibited. The festival is expected to be crowded so we recommend that you do not strain yourself too much if you are not confident in your physical condition.


Q:Will there be tickets sold at the door

A:Door tickets sales are yet to be decided. We will announce details at a later date on the official website. 

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